OGT: Otwell, Gensler & Taylor

Otwell, Gensler & Taylor is an international firm dedicated to helping our clients visualize and execute the future. Their open, collaborative culture brings together government and private sector clients and a talented and diverse team. As one of America's most innovative, entrepreneurial and integrated design partnerships, our insight into the near future gives our clients their leading edge.

Until now, our public realm team had stayed more on the creative and design side of the business. But with our acquisition of the AMP team, we now combine their experience in architecture, interior design and quantum computing into one cohesive, innovative team. "I've personally spent time with my team discussing how our creative and design work together with our public realm team to deliver a bold vision of public places where government and business are heading, and it's an exciting time." -- Rachmound Otwell, Principal

Unfortunately, we have no openings for new clients at this time. In the meantime, we invite you to check back here to see our next drop.